John and Carol Arnott reveal the number one way to prepare for what’s coming…
▶▶Where Is the Promise of His Coming? [2 Books & 3 CDs]:
▶▶Where Is the Promise of His Coming? [Digital Download]:

Pastors to the nations, John and Carol Arnott are calling you to intimacy as the time of Jesus’ return nears.

Both Arnotts have plenty to say. In The Spirit and the Bride Say, “Come!”, Carol Arnott focuses on two prophetic dreams—invitations of preparation from a loving Father for the Bride to get ready. Take it as your personal invitation.

Then John Arnott lays out his masterclass in biblical prophecy in Where Is the Promise of His Coming? John confronts your questions on how to:

✅ Hear clearly as you watch and make yourself ready
✅ Recognize false prophets and end times deceptions
✅ Have peace when faced with scoffers and mockers

As two of the most loving voices of our day, John and Carol go on to address Bible truths many choose not to talk about in their 3-CD/audio teaching series, Preparing for the Lord’s Return. Namely:

✅ Daniel’s 70th week prophecy
✅ The last 3½ years of tribulation
✅ Jesus’ instruction on deception
✅ Israel’s fig tree prophecy
✅ The Millennial Reign of Jesus and His Bride
✅ Distinct signs pointing to Jesus’ return

🔥 Jesus is worthy and ready for His Bride. John and Carol want you ready! 🔥

▶▶Where Is the Promise of His Coming? [2 Books & 3 CDs]:
▶▶Where Is the Promise of His Coming? [Digital Download]:

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    27 replies to "Urgent! The #1 Way to Prepare for the FINAL HOUR"

    • Ten Ten


    • Debbie VanBrunning

      Isaiah 60: 1,2! Arise, shine, for the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee! Though gross darkness covers the earth, yet, My Light, shall be seen upon thee!

    • Serene Anna

      Draw near to God n He will draw near to you. B filled w The Holy Spirit🛐✝️🕊🕊🕊🦅💪🔚🔜🌈👑

    • Anna Pernica

      🙏🙏🙏 thank you.

    • Amrutha

      Blessed to watch

    • Linsjacob5

      Amen glory Hallelujah. Glory to His Name.
      Loving God ❤

    • Rafaielaprincess

      Hallelujah Amen and Amen!!! ♥️♥️♥️🌻✝️🙏

    • Jesse Smith

      if these fellas were in right relationship with THEM!!!!!!! and in communion with THEM!!!!!!!! they'd have the spirit of elijah on they're minds that spirits coming again the third and last time, that's the next revival
      and it'll start with HIS!!!!!!!! church HIS!!!!!!!! bride

    • Hiroko Morioka

      Still many parts of the world have not heard the Gospel. The reason is very few workers. The self claiming Christians are hypicrites. The world are anti-Christians. Yet, they respect Jesus Christ. Christians need to examine faith.

    • Gladys Catrean

      I need healing prayers for me my son and Family members, knee hart pain, stagnation.
      Thank you for the prayer,

    • CheRub1008

      We are spirits. Jesus is not going to get married to a male or female because spirits have no gender.

    • BETH J

      What about all the dead in Christ…those who were'nt living in these times? I just wonder why they are 'safe' or are they??

    • Zenhaling

      Love how lit up you are with the Holy Spirit!

    • Integrity21


    • Supernatural Prayers

      Prayers of healing for those reading this with chronic pain, sickness, and disease! 🙏🏽

      Be healed in the name of Jesus Christ!🔥

      Every pain, infirmity, and all trauma must leave your body by the power of the Holy Spirit! 🙌🏽

      You are free from stress, heaviness, and anxiety in Jesus name! Be filled with the Holy Spirit and fire! 🔥

      If you would like prayer for healing, reply to this comment with your prayer request. God bless you all!

    • Raymond Dean

      We are Missionaries in Mexico and we would like for God to start the great end time harvest you were speaking about with us here. Sure would like an impartation from ya'll to boost us into that mode.

    • Terry Schmitt

      Wonderful Rejoice

    • Teresa Walker

      I believe the last generation is the Baby Boomers. We will not all die off before He comes.



    • Susanne Guzman

      Thank YOU for REVEALING THIS FINALLY! I have been praying for over 60 yrs of my life STANDING FIRM ON THIS FACT!!! 💕GOD IS LOVE💕 We have SUCH A HUGE BATTLE going on because the Religious don’t know THEY ARE RELIGIOUS???!!! Please pray about BELIEVERS RECEIVING THE ANOINTING! 1John2: 24-27 We MUST SEE DELIVERANCE and HEALINGS! We MUST HAVE MIRACLES, SIGNS and WONDERS!

    • S G

      Amen! Massive global harvest started! The time has come!

    • Rita Aletor

      God bless you all

    • Jackline Kiendi

      Wow!!! Pow!!!! 💜🔥

    • Last Call Ministry 2020

      Maybe the lady in white tights can do something with outward holiness as well.

    • Aimee Skaufel

      …the rapture is happening any second now…could be now/today…pray it is…come now lord Jesus…maranantha…and could everyone pray that god releases all the miracles I need/want now/immediately…really need them to manifest now/immediately…💝…

    • goalkeeper88713

      Yes God. I feel that!

    • Shirley Pedicerani

      last year I had a vision I saw Jesus was preparing lot of table like a banquet and so beautiful, I was so happy and wanted to help Jesus, I saw white horse too came to my room, lion too came to my room, Jesus too visited me in my room at night, I spent my prayers at midnight to pray for everyone, time is to short, God bless ❤🙌🙏

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