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    23 replies to "Urgent Warning for America!"

    • 💎Jessica LK

      hasn't this already happened?! everyone repent! now!! or we won't have long on earth. maby a decade or two. these ancient strongholds aka "gods" are evil and they only get loosed if we all turn from God Almighty.

    • Luis de Pentieiros

      May God the father deliver us from our iniquity. Halleluyah, Amen🙏😇😍😭❤️🇵🇹👑👍

    • ME WiLson SR

      There is only one God and that is the living God who created this Earth this planet the heavens and the solar system in the stars and the universe there are no other gods so for this man to go and make it a statement about God other gods coming back he is at a deficit people who say things that are not biblically sound and cannot be backed up by scripture need to either shut up or people need to shut them up quit inviting these people on your show who do not know what they're talking about that's reason why we have the problems that we have in this world today and especially America putting all this little side malarkey and reading all these different books that are not in line with the word of God I have in the name of Jesus I have spoken that's it that's all!!! Amen Amen and Amen!!!

    • Angel Gonzalez

      May the Lords will
      Be done

    • Debra Johnson

      America need to listen

    • Bobby boy

      Love Jonathan Khan just don't know why the title return of the gods why there was a capital G on the cover,,,,,😲🇺🇸😲🌪️🔥🙏😲😲

    • john



      What are you talking about America has never been an alignment with God. Look at its history look at the atrocities it's committed in history globally

    • Skull Crusher

      There's only one God.

    • Sol Rosenberg

      The craziness that's been happening is because of the synagogue of satan. To find out who that is, just open your Bible to Rev 2:9 & 3:9; Amos 5:26 & Acts 7:43; Titus 1:14; 1John 2:22-23; Matthew 23; Jeremiah 23:27; Isaiah 65:11; for starters.

    • 4 Horses

      THIS MAN IS A FALSE PROPHET. He worships money

    • Michael Ritter

      it is like with the israelites. every time hey turned there back on god, the erath of the lord has been poured out like over Sodom and gomorra and he gave them over to their enemies. especially in this times, this is for chosen ones, if they dont follow the call of the lord, the lord will let his wrath poor out over them, so they may turn back to hin.


      Like leonidas

    • Arun Franklin

      I beg have mercy on us lord. Amen

    • Jody VW.

      This is exactly what is happening!!! Mercy, mercy on us God….❤️🙏❤️

    • Michele D

      So what do we do now??

    • Glenda Shaw


    • Jennifer Logsdon

      Currently….the largest DEMonic invasion humanity has ever known….

    • Matt Shafer

      Idk man. Why y’all always gotta have some kind of doomsday mentality? The demons never left. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • jean jos

      the dems are already possessed.

    • CEO of my Chemical Factory

      I agree 100% 💯 Thank you and thumbs up

    • Alex Ross

      A other american nutcase !!!!!

    • Valerie Adams

      The gods a back. Truth!

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