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Pastor JD talks about our propensity for impatience, weariness and even complaining in our waiting for the Lord’s return in the rapture of the church.
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    • DMO

      When Paul spoke of the rapture and John wrote about the rapture it seems they believed it was coming in their time, 2000 years ago, Christian’s have been waiting 2000 years. What makes the event imminent now? I struggle with this and truly would like to understand how long he’s been at the door. Will he be at the door in another 500 years?

    • Ursula Painter

      Thank you for this inspiring video! I needed to hear this!

    • Timothy Sajko

      Heard this morning judgement is coming. Wanted to share..

    • bigpigslapper Oink too

      You're gonna be wait'n a loooonnnnng time,,, Let me pop your pride bubble,, the Rapture IS NOT come'n,, IT HAS ALREDY COME AND GONE,, Matthew 10:23, 16:28, 19:27-29, 24:34, 26:54-66, Mark 9:1, Luke 9:27, Revelation 1:9,,,,,,,, now,, let's see if you call Jesus a liar,,,,,,,,,,

    • J J

      Matt 24 says After the Tribulation of those days … the angels will gather the elect from the 4 corners of the earth. That's the post tribulation rapture right there. The pre trib position has 2 Second comings and two raptures in a period of 7 years. The Lord comes to collect the believers ( elect) before the tribulation and also after the tribulation. Nowhere does Scripture contain two raptures and two Second comings! We will meet anti christ . Whether we will all suffer remains to be seen . Suffering isn't wrath. Suffering is a hallmark of Christian life. Some of us may get beheaded. Others may not. There is no pre tribulation rapture of the church. None. We need to be wise. If it happens I'll rejoice but its highly improbable given Matt ch 24. . Read Mt 24. Please !

    • SomeoneofGod’s

      Ask which of the seven church categories you are! He answered me. No test no v. No sharing fluids with those who do. I’ve been shown much about both. Mark or name or number. The test glows under blacklight as well and q tips don’t. He shows me hybrids being born like Daniel 2. Isaiah 66:2-6, 2 Thes 2 strong delusion, rev 3:10 hour of trial or testing, coming at people at an hour unaware, falling away is now.

    • LovesRoses

      Hi, thx for posting this. When posting videos can you please remember to always click/check the CC (Closed Captions) availability ! 🙏 Thx,

    • larry craddock


    • The end is here

      Another one is false teachers rapture rapture rapture ain't going to happen until the end of the seventh trumpet when is the seventh trumpet at the end the last trumpet. But somehow you people can put an extra few extra trumpets in there whenever you want of that secret coming of Christ.

    • little girl lost

      If our Lord’s coming was near close to 2 thousand years ago, just how close can it be now????

    • peter oliver

      I'm waiting for the Lords return but I'm also waiting on him to make me a better servant for him to preach the gospel to the lost

    • Hogan's Heroes

      To have everlasting life you absolutely must trust in the person and finished work of Christ alone for salvation.

      This means that saving repentance is realizing that you are a sinner deserving of God's just punishment in Hell and turn (repent) from whatever you trusted in before, if indeed you trusted in anything; to trusting in the person and finished work of Christ alone for salvation.

    • Robin Buckeye

      The deceived who believe the post-trib garbage will try to twist ANY Scripture to keep deceiving people. At 20:30, J.D. explains this so well. However, there will still be those who try to sow discord among the brethren and say there is no rapture. I really wish the Lord would leave them behind for a few hours just to see them all crying like babies. LOL

    • Isaiah 53


      1948 = Israel born in a day
      1949 = Born again (all the trees)

      I now believe 1949 is the correct start date for the Fig tree generation.  I believe this because there's legal support for it.

      In John 3.3, in order to "see the kingdom of God", being "born again" is mandatory.  Israel has two official birthdays; one in 1948 and one in 1949.  The second one is the born again date. 

      Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a MAN [G5100] be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. John 3:3 KJV

      G5100 STRONG'S – tis
      τὶς tìs, tis; an enclitic indefinite pronoun; some or any person or object:—a (kind of), any (man, THING , thing at all) …

      In John 3.10 being born again is specifically tied to ISRAEL .

      Jesus answered and said unto him, Art thou a master of ISRAEL , and knowest not these things?

      In Luke 21.25-28 Jesus told us to look for "signs" in the "moon".  The feast day BLOOD MOONS were in 1949 not 1948.  He told us to look!

      In Luke 13:8‭-‬9 KJV the fig tree is given a ONE YEAR EXTENSION before being cut down.  Israel's two birthdays are 1 year apart.  A biblical year is 360 days.

      In the following verses the trees refer to people and nations:

      Isaiah 55:12, Psalm 96.12, Judges 9:14, Ezekiel 17:24, Ezekiel 31:3

      So in Luke 21:29‭-‬32 when God tells us to look at "the fig tree and all the trees" I believe what He is saying is look at Israel and ALL THE OTHER NATIONS! So that's THE UNITED NATIONS date of May 11, 1949 and not the self declaration date of May 14, 1948!

      On the morning of 6/21, the very morning following the 1948 fig tree generation deadline, and following prayer immediately before the event, my work colleague began talking to me about digging around his fig tree. First conversation of the day and first thing he told me 🤯. 

      Psalm 90.10 sets the upper age limit for the labor (tribulation) to occur at 80 years.  Israel is 80 up to one day before they hit 81.  Moses, a type of Christ, returned to his own people (Jews) when He was 80, not 79 and not 81, but 80.  How many days over 80 we don't know, but there's nothing to suggest he returned on his 80th birthday; only that he was 80 plus X amount of days.

      Israel "born again" = 5/11/1949
      Israel 81 minus 1 day = 5/10/2030
      – 2520 days (7 × 360) = 6/16/2023
      G616 = Give birth to (June 16) 🤯

      I reckon we'll be gone long before that though.  See last post for info.

      7 x 7 = Perfection x Perfection
      7 x 7 = 49

      To God be the glory.  I knew He wouldn't let us down. 

      22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet
      22 = Last chapter of bible
      "2.2 Acts" Grace age starts
      22 Grace age ends?
      2022nd word = window צהר
      2/22/22 = 2 by 2 into the ark in 2022
      H2022 = Mountain
      H2022 = "unto the hills" Ps. 121.1-2
      G2022 = To pour upon
      222 = Wisdom KJV count
      73 = Wisdom (חָכְמָה)
      73 = Israel born again age
      73 = 80 (Ps. 90.10) – 7 (Dan. 9.27)
      7&3 = 7 yr trib + 3 yr gap = Ps. 90.10
      G73 = Assembly met to see games
      73 = 365 / 5 (grace)
      153 = Great fish catch (John 21.11)
      153 = 1 Thes. 5.3 = 153
      153 = 73 (rapture) + 80 (return)
      153 = Isaiah 53 😊

      God bless you ❤

      Ps. 37 = 73 Hebrew reading style …

      Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be BORN AGAIN .
      John 3:7 👍🏻😁

      Atomic Rapture
      Atomos = 1 Cor. 15:52🔥

    • Moises G.V.

      You're mixing apples with oranges. First of all, keeping does not mean taking out of. So there goes all your pretrib theory out the window. Second, the Bible only speaks of 3.5 years of tribulation and that is cut short AFTER the rapture that will take place after the 6th seal when the trumpets of the wrath are about to start blowing. You are confusing the birth pains and Satan's wrath with God's wrath, another pretrib mistake. The Bible only teaches post trib pre wrath rapture for those who will be left alive, everyone else, the majority, will be dead and resurrected immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days as Jesus said in Matthew, not before, not in the middle.

    • Unique Friend

      No rapture.

    • Susan Harrell

      This is not J.D.Farag's site.

    • The Whole_Picture

      If only he would stop believing in and teaching the false doctrine of OSAS. God will judge false teachers for leading others astray. Even if the false teacher is obedient themselves, those believing their words about OSAS may not be, lulled into a false sense of security. Their blood will be on the false teacher's hands.

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