Joanne Moody used to go to one of those churches that partnered with satan…
▶▶Everyday Supernatural by Joanne Moody [Book & 4 CDs]:
▶▶Everyday Supernatural by Joanne Moody [Digital Download]:

What God calls practical is well within your reach!

Since experiencing her own life-changing supernatural healing, Joanne Moody has made it her mission to give away the love and miracles of Jesus everywhere she goes.

In Everyday Supernatural, Joanne serves up real-world activations to encourage you to:

🔥 Discover your authority is REAL
🔥 Receive (and share) your spiritual breakthroughs
🔥 Confidently pray for miracles

Joanne’s 4-CD/audio series, How To Experience God’s Unexpected Manifestations, goes on to share insights straight from Heaven on how God moves in real life right under our noses!

“Lies we believe”

Joanne’s latest teaching began with a vivid dream when Joanne clearly heard the Lord say “to equip My body you need to focus on real LIFE — love, identity, freedom and empowerment.” Joanne’s word led to more revelation and the powerful teaching series offered here. God’s truth is able to expose satan’s lies—lies that rob you and people around you daily!

If anything, God is practical! Joanne Moody says you are right where He needs you.

▶▶Everyday Supernatural by Joanne Moody [Book & 4 CDs]:
▶▶Everyday Supernatural by Joanne Moody [Digital Download]:

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    14 replies to "Warning! These Churches Have Partnered with Satan!"

    • Genita Gray

      I was very sick with gallstones for 9 months & I got sick every time I ate. When I said Jerry Seville’s Petition of Healing Prayer, I was instantly healed. I was shocked when my Christian friends on FB said nothing!

    • CherryMargaret Aciro

      God must always win,no matter the circumstance!

    • Elizabeth Dayrit

      This sister is SPOT ON about GOD.

    • Elizabeth Dayrit

      GOD is a Healer…today and forevermore! I have seen so many miracles since CHRIST JESUS save me, my life and soul to not believe in miracles and Prophecies (give messages in tongues and interpretation of messages given in tongues). The LORD GOD has graciously healed through me and spoken Prophecies through me, Word of Knowledge, Revelation and Vision in our church. I believe in the Spiritual Gifts still operates in churches who welcome the presence of the HOLY GHOST and embrace the Gifts of the HOLY GHOST. GOD's power through the HOLY GHOST still exist today. We only need to have FAITH…BELIEVE with all your heart and it shall be so.

    • Itsme

      To me churches are like hospitals some hospitals are not very good

    • Cody Alexander

      Mordant Christianity is of the devil

    • Jerry Davis

      I need healed. The pain in my knee and back have ruined my life and taken my joy. How can I get this? I have had people lay hands on me. True believers have done this. LORD PLEASE HEAL me

    • Brigitte Binda

      Great message! Do the natural and watch God do the super🙏🏻

    • jay Brown

      The title is captivating but has NOTHING to do with what they are speaking about.. very disappointing .

    • Margie Lindawan

      😇 I tried to share the gospel yesterday afternoon to one of our neighbors, I told her" we are encourage to share this to others and get the paper.I was not done speaking yet and she already said to me " I am not interested". So I went home. This video teaches me that intimacy with Jesus is very important😊

    • Kathy Hummel


    • Representative dot in a theoretical circle

      The Kuntillet ‘Ajrud inscriptions mention blessings by the names of YHWH of Samaria (Yehowah) and YHWH of Teman (Yahweh).

      Like all ancient Near Eastern gods, these two regional gods must have had central temples.

      This article examines their possible locations and suggests that the combination of the Kuntillet ‘Ajrud inscriptions with the eighth-century prophecies of Amos and Hosea holds the key for identifying these.

      In light of a detailed analysis of Hosea’s and Amos’ prophecies, it is further suggested that YHWH of Samaria was the name of the major God of the Kingdom of Israel and his main temple was located at Bethel, and that YHWH of Teman was the name of the God of the southern desert regions and his temple was located at Beer-sheba.

      Israelite traders who traveled southward probably visited the latter god’s temple, offered him sacrifices, made vows to repay him if they succeed in the expedition, and thus turned him to be their patron god during their travel in the desert region.

      This suggested identification explains why the Judahite cult place of Beer-sheba appears in Amos’ prophecy alongside the Israelite sanctuaries of Bethel, Gilgal, and Dan.

      What do Samaritans believe in terms of the Bible?

      Samaritans believe that the Jewish Torah, and Judaism, have been corrupted by time and no longer serve the duties that God mandated to the Israelites on Mount Sinai. The holiest site for Samaritans in their faith is Mount Gerizim near Nablus, while Jews view the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as their most sacred location.

      The Samaritan religion:

      Their principal canonical text and main norm of religious observance is the Samaritan Pentateuch. The Samaritan Pentateuch contains the basic text of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, yet there are about 6,000 differences between it and the masoretic Jewish version.

      Why did the Judahites not like the Samaritans?

      The Jews called them "half-breeds" and sent them home. The Samaritans built their own temple which the Jews considered pagan. The feud grew, and by the time of Christ, the Jews hated the Samaritans so much they crossed the Jordan river rather than travel through Samaria.

    • Sji Sjin



      You had me believing until you started selling stuff. I'll have to be RE convinced.

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