6 replies to "Watch What Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne Said About Prophet Uebert Angel"

    • Judy R Overturf

      Love you Prophet Uebert A

    • Judy R Overturf

      Iregardless whether you agree with any man of God be a pastor prophet teacher ect. If you speak against them you are digging your own grave. Thus matter is fir God to sort out not you. Walk away and jeep your mouth shut.
      Guess whst Demonic forces do NOT fight back bite or go go against each other. Only Christians who ARE NOT Christians.

    • Ehimare Irelen

      Thank you JESUS 🙌

    • Chinnam Saritha

      All glory to Jesus

    • Jesse M.

      Jesus Christ is Lord!

    • Jenny Whiteman

      Yes love Prophetess Bebe and Eubert Angel and their son UJ,yoh was shocked to find them on YouTube, blessed and highly favoured they are

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