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Francis Frangipane says you have a choice — the world and its troubles or a secret place you can enter daily. You should hear what Francis has learned about the shelter of the Most High.

For your most urgent needs, go to the Secret Place.
In The Shelter of the Most High, Francis Frangipane gives unchanging Biblical direction for times of uncertainty and fears. Francis says in the midst of your difficulty, there is shelter in God and who He is. Regardless of the world’s circumstances and what they declare, the certainty is that nothing you encounter can defeat you, once you’ve found this place.

But you must learn to remain in the stronghold of God! To help you, Francis’ new 3-CD series, Secrets of The Secret Place, gives you keys to:

• Remove obstacles to entering the Secret Place

• Maintain a hunger for God before the need is urgent

• Prepare yourself for encountering God’s Presence

You are not powerless. You can take steps. Francis prays for you on each CD, including prayers for healing, restoration and breakthrough. He wants you to abide in the Secret Place.

Francis Frangipane is founding pastor of River of Life Ministries in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is is an international conference speaker and best-selling author. Francis is also the founder of an online school, In Christ’s Image Training, with students in 115 nations.

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    28 replies to "What Happens When a Satanist Comes to Church? | Francis Frangipane"

    • Kynslee

      Something grabbed me sexually 3 years ago while I was alone falling asleep in my bed. I jumped up and nothing was there! I opened YouTube bc I couldn't sleep after that. In my suggestions there was psalms for spiritual warfare. That included psalms 91. I have played that every night now since there. I listen and personalize it. Repeating until I doze off. I am so thankful for the word of God and the blood of the Lamb! It is so true that what the enemy uses to harm us the Lord will use for our good. That thing that grabbed me pushed me into the arms of my loving Abba!

    • martina adzomani

      Lovely pray for me to o that I may be out of demonic attack s

    • Tony Mophuk

      Amen i need our lord in my life….

    • Yahuah Is My Banner

      Hey y’all! Jesus is coming! Don’t take the mark of the beast!

    • Alicia Langston

      We have power over satan in Jesus name hallelujah

    • Adina Motobu

      In Jesus name.Amen

    • Rachel Johnson

      The churches are already Satanist they refuse to help those who have been gang raped, sodomized, and pedophilia victims of the Nazi Satanists. They are so evil they call them prostitutes

    • Luminita Hall

      I love it already

    • Josh Schulz

      the strength of the lord broke her arm and she passed out lol

    • The Spirit of Truth

      You keep following his direction, this is God's world, nothing has changed.

    • The Spirit of Truth

      If you want God and Jesus to work through you it is really simple, every morning you cover yourself and your house and earth if youd like, with the blood of Christ, in Jesus name and you can go on my Instagram to clear thought so Jesus can work within you, thoughts hold us back from connecting with our spirit.

    • John Steelman

      Hello, please pray for me that I can find a wife, I am 72 years old and live alone…I am afraid I might have go to a nursing home…..John from North Carolina

    • Bumpy Mac

      I know God Jesus 🙏 has sent angels and saved my Life and I thank God for it once when I was 8 or 9 I had my hands in my pockets I was playing in the school next to where I lived jumping on the roofs and one time I'll never forget my hands where stuck in my pockets and I jumped and tripped fell my friends thought I was dead I thought I was dead but to my amazement I did something impossible my hands was hanging on the ledge and I dropped on the ground on my feet if I would have landed on my head I swear I would have been dead it was 15 to 20 feet and I loved jumping on roofs when I was a kid but something saved me that day my friend said a light went down after me when I fell I didn't believe it but thinking about it I do now praise the lord praise Jesus 🙏🙏🙏 thank you for saving me more than once in my life anyone reading this has anyone heard of a holy place called mount meloroy in bottom of Ireland I couldn't stop thinking about that moment when I was there and I saw a merical and if anyone knows this place will know what I mean praise God 🙏🙏🙏😇😇

    • Bumpy Mac

      I would love to have a dream of meeting Jesus 🙏❤️🙏 in heaven that would be the greatest gift ever 🙏 Amen

    • Super Elite Space Force

      Prayer Request for Jesse, a homeless satanist… I met him two nights ago about midnight…* He had been homeless, a banger, then satanist since he was 10 y/o, and now 22. He wants out and understands the risk. Please pray for Jesse to commit to Jesus and rely on Him for protection to safely escape. Thank you!

    • Afia Sika ThatDay🙏

      Forgive us our sin. God please

    • mia lopez

      Sid Roth's bottom teeth scare me. Sorry God bless.

    • Miss Mutton

      This lady was not a satanist but obvious a person with some serious mental issues IF IT EVEN HAPPEN AT ALL. Satanists are atheistic in general and do not believe in a literal satan. They are more concern with the separation of church and state than cursing a snake oil salesman.

    • Naw Shamery Poe

      Praise the Lord for he is a loving God with the true amage of humility. Everything under his sovereign.

    • Happy Champion

      The truth will set you free…

    • KadKen's World

      God Bless You more and more Sid. From Philippines..

    • David Monk

      Excuse my cynicism, but the arm that was supposed to have tennis elbow can be seen waved in the air in earlier clips. I know the film is a recreation of what happened, but the film fails in continuity. I believe the Bible is the word of God and has a consistent message. To find consistency and continuity in the Bible requires a different understanding of the titles; Devil/Satan/Serpent; 'Prince of the Air'; 'god of this world' etc.. I do not hold to the myths and imaginations of men.

      Jesus tells us the origin of all sin in Mark 7:21-23 Therefore, I associate Devil/Satan/Serpent with human nature, which is in opposition to God's will. I do not believe God created a speaking snake, or his holy Angels sinned; they cannot. All occurrences of Devil/Satan/Serpent are personifications relating to human nature that has the propensity to sin. Demons etc., which Jesus cured a person of, were sicknesses, diseases and illnesses. When reading stories in the Bible, unless the literary styles like personification is recognized, and the pictures presented are not taken literally, but understood by their metaphorical meaning, then I can see how easy it is to be misled.

      Like as Jesus tells us the origin of all sin, so Jeremiah tells us the origin of all deception (and sin). Read Jeremiah 17:9. Hence, Jeremiah and Jesus are in agreement, and upon this basis I rest my case. For further agreement, read what Paul tells us in Rom 8:7
      God bless.

    • William Durham

      I have a Supernatural way to learn. I have an audio Bible and play it in my house 24/7. Now that's Supernatural!

    • Shulamite

      Just lift of the name of Jesus! Satan wants worship and attention. Keep your focus on God.

    • Verbo of God International Ministry Inc

      Amen God bless Jesus Christ is Powerful name

    • ☆ Ghetto Country ☆

      Such a great show….

    • AdventurouSounds

      Yes this secret place exist! Is amazing to feel rhw love of God al auround me and to feel the faith of the kingdom ! Is like everything is possible in that place becouse Jesus love us ! All glory to God! Amen

    • Celeste Ruiz

      You know. My son and his wife had been going through some not so good times. And I decided to come over and pray for them. As I asked our Father God to cleanse them from any evil and negative presense that may come upon them. To BERUKE ALL from them. I layed my hand on my son's shoulder and just prayed what our Lord Jesus Christ put in me. My son fell to his knees and started crying. I told him to ask for forgiveness from his past doings and I believe the Holy Spirit was in him. After that he felt Peace and Love. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. We Love you 💯😇🙏✝️. We have such a good God. You are so awesome Lord of Lord's and King of Kings 💞✝️😇🙏

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