Jamie Galloway pulls back the veil on the invisible world to reveal what’s really going on…
▶▶Secrets of the Angels by Jamie Galloway [Book & 3-CDs]: http://bit.ly/3YCRl8U
▶▶Secrets of the Angels by Jamie Galloway [Digital Download]: http://bit.ly/3S6mKxR

Your natural senses leave a lot out of the picture!

In Secrets of the Angels, author and seer Jamie Galloway looks at Scripture, historical records and his firsthand encounters as he unpacks the assignments and kinds of angels found in the Bible.

Those same angels, anonymous or not, are tasked to help you fulfill your Kingdom destiny. Jamie’s insights help you know when and how angels are acting on your behalf.

Heaven is coming down to this realm!
Like you, every angel has its own assignment and influence. As Jamie explores the unseen realm, Secrets of the Angels helps you see Heaven’s activities as a pattern for your own life. It applies now, but also in the Messianic age when you take on your new governmental roles.

Jamie helps you understand holy and fallen angels, including…

🔥 Watchers
🔥 Seraphim
🔥 Cherubim
🔥 Archangels
🔥 Ministering spirits
🔥 The “living creatures”

Unseen opposition must go!

As a seer, Jamie understands our five natural senses leave a lot out of the picture. In Unleashing Your Angelic Authority: Take Out the Giants in Your Life, Jamie’s 3-CD/audio series focuses on opposing giants operating in the unseen realm. And more.

Unleashing your Angelic Authority will equip you to deal with these fallen adversaries. Jamie then gives special priority to the prophet Joel’s promise of an even greater Pentecost coming in our day. Jamie urges you to pray for this end time move of the Spirit of God, His power and angelic hosts.

Jamie’s 3-part series covers: • Partnering with your angels • Speaking to your giants • Your coming greater Pentecost. Whether you see your angels or not, they’re your partners now and in the season ahead. Get ready!

▶▶Secrets of the Angels by Jamie Galloway [Book & 3-CDs]: http://bit.ly/3YCRl8U
▶▶Secrets of the Angels by Jamie Galloway [Digital Download]: http://bit.ly/3S6mKxR

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    11 replies to "What They're NOT Telling You About the Unseen World"

    • crazy horse

      I pray that everyone reading this it's filled with the holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues for those who don't understand it is a prayer language that Satan cannot decode

    • Stephanie Bernd

      This was so fantastic. I took notes. I have that unnamed giant that keeps attacking my health. He is defeated in Jesus’ name.⚔️🛡️🗡️

    • Alan

      We have held and used that exact stance as the promo picture with sword up high cutting the enemy forces down. All Glory to the Lord God Almighty!!!

    • Ashna Bejoy

      I am so blessed listening to this anointed session. God bless His precious servant of God. Hallelujah!!

    • Hadas Assodi

      What do you think of wings -dark super cloud wings
      Flew straight at me .. what does it mean?? Anyone know?

    • Maria Grady


    • Greg Mann

      If I could add to this: there were two giants in the wilderness, Og and I believe Sihon, who represent the flesh and appetites. If you haven't gained rule over your flesh, you'll follow your flesh rather than God's instructions and be defeated, so God won't even take you across the Jordan into the promise land until you've conquered these. Flesh and appetites/lusts. Then in the promised land, beginning with Jericho, each of the kings of the cities were giants. Jericho's giant king represents the battle for the mind, to not lean on your own understanding, but trust God. March around the walls, then shout like He said, even though that doesn't make sense. The giant king of Ai represents self, and the temptation to keep something that God doesn't want for you, or has sanctified for himself. Then there were more cities, more giants. Eventually, when the strongest giants see God is giving you the victory, five gather together in an alliance and attack at once. I've got these written down somewhere, you can look them up in Strong's using the book of Joshua as your source, they are much more wicked and subtle types of temptations, not the obvious ones, with extremely grievous consequences. I'm suffering now pretty badly for stumbling a 2nd time, getting pounded pretty hard and have lost everything. You can pray for me, but you can't pray away God's discipline. You CAN pray against the enemy for me, however, "in the day of my calamity my enemy confronted me and was too strong for me." 17 years on worship teams and equally as long in intercessory prayer, but I'm having a hard time praying lately. Thank you.

    • Nicole Hornick

      I receive in the mighty name of Jesus

    • Kym Hmar

      Amen ,Amen thank you Lord almighty

    • Beulah

      Is that mean that God is speaking to seer pastor gossip about his congregation, so he will know who’s drinking, who’s fornicating, who’s praying who’s not, who’s angry? Is he showing to seer who has clean the house and dirty house? I don’t want my pastor to see me when I take a shower or sleep in my bed. That’s scary.

    • Rose Kom

      Amen lord…

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