What this angel told Jamie Galloway about money will amaze you!

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    • Alen Horvatek

      Well I'm gonna be a president once in Jesus Name.

    • Mr Everybody

      I receive this in Jesus' name. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Father. Amen.

    • MsBaztastic

      Want the Joseph anointing? Then expect to receive the betrayals (his brothers, Potiphar's wife and Pharaoh's cupbearer) and years of hard labor and yet not lose your integrity or faith first!

    • E

      I accept the Joseph annointing from the Lord! I vow to use what is manifest to me to glorify God!


      C'Mon dude… who was the President???????????

    • Blessed Patterson

      Love the thumbnail

    • Pena Munepapa

      I receive the Joseph annointingšŸ˜‡

    • cesar ramirez

      I receive in the name of JESUS CHRIST Amein

    • YES YES

      It is what it is……a story……

    • Samuel Machado

      Amen and Amen…Revelation 3:8

    • thelma nkiru

      Amen I receive in Jesus name

    • eaglehaus

      What an angel speaks to YOU .. will amaze me ?
      No , it amazes YOU ..
      Dont speak for me.

    • CIERRA

      You said you were afraid when the Angel visited you. From what Iā€™ve read ā€¦All the encounters Iā€™ve read of angels in the Bible visiting human beings they were always afraid and the angels always said Fear Not, or donā€™t be afraid or something to that affect. And that will tell us if it was an Angel of the Lord or an Angel presenting as an Angel of light.

      Just curiousā€¦ did the Angel say fear not?

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