Pastor JD and special guest Pastor Bud Stonebraker discuss what’s on the prophetic horizon.

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    15 replies to "What’s on the Prophetic Horizon, JD Farag & Bud Stonebraker – February 23rd, 2023"

    • Diane

      Someone had highly recommended this program and I love JD's preaching but this man was so obnoxious and interrupted so many times that I had to turn the program off. His logic made no sense. We are supposed to be in this war. Not moving away to the country without difficulties because you're raising children. Very disappointing guest but pastor Farag was very gracious. I get so much out of the sermons and they have been such a blessing to me. This one was just sad.

    • Charlotte Kearn

      After this "debate" or whatever you called it I REALLY appreciate J.D. even more.

    • Tracy Ireland

      Not happy with this. I felt uncomfortable throughout.

    • diane pick

      So nice you brother J.D.,I believe the USA is mystery Babalon, and believe the passages of ships watching her burn from far off, bemoaning the fact that no one will buy their goods now,and why we are not mentioned in the end days,if God did not punish the USA for her abundant sins, and greed, pride, perversions, and attacks on children,as all are being revealed by God, then he would owe a big apology to sodom.I love my nation, but do not cling to her,I cling to the robes of Jesus and work in prayer, and any door that opens to lead God children back to the shepherd, and salvation. The rest, well Jesus gave us so many signs to watch for, which we do, armored up, oil full, and encouraged by God's word, and promise come what may, he has promised he will not abandon or forsake us,to not fear, as he has told us what must happen, so when we seeing his word fulfilled as they are showing increasingly by the hour now, so fast, it brings to my heart to stay awake, in prayer for the unsaved, and to trust in God alone, and the nearness of his call into the wedding supper of the lamb.I pray for all leaders across the world,for salvation, discernment,, guidance, and truth.I am sorry but I find your guest while speaking a lot of truth, find him rude, grandstanding, and refusing to allow you to speak, but continually cutting you off, like only he has the truth of what God is saying, and understanding, too many are walking like this, and sorry to say it irritates so much it makes it hard to even listen to.

    • Claudia s

      Wow I hope this guy realizes how he will not be quiet when he needs to be. Pastor JD is so patient. I love how bold and loving he is.

    • Arizona Living

      That guy just can't accept whats happening to him and to us, I think that Pastor JD is just saying, face what's in front of you and Christ is going to return soon, the prophacy is being fulfilled.

    • K.C. Sunshine

      This is a very thought provoking and rational discussion. Thank you for posting this during lent 2023!

    • Deb Peterson

      How about praying for hawaii?? with God all things are possible-why the negativity?
      Why is this man obsessed with the mask? I understand he's talking about control and oppressive govt' but true freedom is in Christ-and our focus should be on promoting the Gospel no matter how we are treated. Pastor F is right in spirit about the fight,and just being obedient to God.

    • Sydney Perry

      This person refuses to see the writing on the wall. Love you JD, thankful to God for giving you eyes to see, ears to hear and wisdom to share.

    • Roxanne Bowers

      This guy is so rude. He won't stop interrupting because he knows if Pastor JD gets a word in, he will be stumped. I can't even watch the rest of this video.

    • I am who You say I am

      Bud was on fire. He's seen great injustice which has amped him up. Perhaps he was trying to motivate you to mobilize you in his way… He seemed more like an activist and less of a servant of God. He wasn't listening to you, I think he'd already decided before the conversation that you weren't doing enough. I wish there was less arguing and more discussion about the topic

    • Monica


    • Big Jake

      Both men are God's warriors, each has their own methods and one may be more outspoken than the other but they are both Gods servants.
      Can you imagine how many more lost there would be if all pastors were exactly the same?

    • Monica

      “Oneness” is the doctrine that made me run from my woke church. It’s Buddhism

    • Arizona Living

      Its not a debate unless that guy gives Pastor JD his time to talk without being interrupted. It was nonstop interruptions….talking over someone dosen't make you right, it just means you cant listen to anyone else….

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