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Pastor JD talks about our spiritual health and what it is that we can do when we’re spiritually sick. Are you living a spiritual sick life?
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    • étoile demer

      thnk u pastor for defining one of my sins, for putting the name slandering 🙏 I laughed soooooo hard at "imagine we do all that and then the rapture comes" 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 yes to I must b full, filled with the Holy Spirit in order to not crave spiritual junk/sugar

    • Christine Alexandria

      I’ve been the victim of slander. My husband who is a federal law enforcement officer who verbally and sometimes physically abused me for 22 years, finally at my wits end, one night and I was so angry at him, he represented every seven sin, I tossed a Watch box (kind of like David and Goliath) and it hit him in the head, I had just threatened him that if he ever laid a hand on me again, that he ever slammed the door so hard that the mirrors fall off the walls and the curtains fall off the doors, if he ever yelled in my face again so loudly that my ears would ring, I threatened him with the one thing that I know he cared about, his federal law enforcement job. that I would call the police on him and he would lose his job. It’s so ironic that when I toss that little box at him and gave him a scratch on his head, he called 911 on me and he had me arrested, and the police, they have a blue code, some of them, may be all of them, they all lied on their statement and they said that I asked them to arrest me, and that I refused to tell them what happened, they wouldn’t allow me to say what happened. They just handcuffed me, and drag me off to jail where you can’t believe how they treat people. I have never been arrested before, I’ve never even had a parking ticket. I certainly never hit him in 22 years as I was terrified of him.
      But they treated me like I had done the worst crime in the world, my husband had a order of protection placed on him. I had to stay out of my house, while I was gone he cleaned out all the bank accounts, he took everything, he moved to Aruba, he left me with a few plates four stools and a sofa, he put everything else into long-term storage.
      He was only giving me 400 every two weeks, and then he raised it to 550, he stop paying my bills and he has ruined my credit, he filed for a divorce when he knew that I didn’t have any money, I sold all my jewelry to afford a divorce attorney, but then I couldn’t pay him anymore and he fired me.
      I don’t qualify for social assistance because now I have a criminal record.
      I had changed my mind on moving to Aruba, I just felt with the way the world was going right now that I didn’t want to go there.
      I told him months in advance that I didn’t wanna go anymore, he wouldn’t listen, we never even spoke about what the plan would be. I was shocked when he filed for divorce, he wanted to replace the diamond in my wedding band when we got to Aruba. I’m shocked beyond shocked on how he has treated me.
      He hired an expensive attorney for himself, I’m now responding on my own with my friend. We finally put in an emergency order for support request, because this has been going on since the end of January.
      I’m not saying all this for some kind of sympathy because I’m really not, I’m really worried about his soul. Two weeks before all this happened, I was on my knees and he was going to punch me in the face, all I was asking him was “ you still know the name of Jesus”. Sometimes I think that people don’t think about their soul, they just think that everyone’s going to go to heaven.
      I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, and quite honestly it kind of freaks me out. I know he never prays, I know he never seeks any repentance.
      He belongs to five secret societies, I know that they worship the feet of Baal, he doesn’t even know what he said when he made all those oath and pledges.

      I’m really scared for him, I’ve been praying intercessory prayer for him. Will that help?
      The worst thing he said to me though was I was crying about Tonga, when they had the big explosion, and they didn’t wanna bring the people food and water because they said two of the sailors had Covid and nobody on the island of Tonga had Covid. I was crying over that thinking they could just throw the food overboard, or some people could paddle out.
      I was telling him about those people and you know what he said? “What do I care about those people, it doesn’t affect my life”
      I can’t stop thinking about that.
      I heard him say that many other times, I have a tender heart towards people. I don’t know why I stayed married to him for 22 years, I don’t know even know how I could’ve loved him so much, anyways I just wanted to say that. It’s been a hard year, the worst one of my life.
      What’s really strange, is one night when I was in deep prayer outside, to Jesus I had for the first time in my life, an open vision, I saw myself running across the street into the woods, and then that night when I threw the little box at him I found myself running into those bushes because I’m so afraid of the police. I wasn’t afraid to face throwing a little tiny box, I was afraid of the police. I knew they had a blue code and I knew they never listen to me. But why did I see an open vision like that two weeks before it happened? It really is bothering me. I wish somebody could explain it to me.
      Something else kind of scary happened, when I was in jail for three weeks, I prophesies for the first time in my life, it was impossible the girl had a letter in her hand, she was supposed to stay in jail for 30 more days, but I saw that she was coveting a woman, she repented, and we prayed through the glass, and all of a sudden my hand went in the air, and I told her “God just told me to tell you that you will be gone in one or two days”. I’ve never done anything like that before, and the very next day she got to go home, and then the day after that I got to go home. It kind of freaks me out a little bit, I don’t understand it.
      Before January, I never prayed that much, I felt something strange happened to me, I had this massive repentance, and I cried for three days, and then I felt the pain of Jesus dying on the cross, I felt his emotional pain. A lot of other things happen that a little bit too freaky to talk about it. What’s happening to me am I going crazy?

    • Jezus Wizard Spatula🎸

      Get it done ✔️ 💪 👏

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