Pastor JD talks about our spiritual health and what it is that we can do when we’re spiritually sick.

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    22 replies to "When I’m Spiritually Sick, 1 Peter 2:1-3 – September 11th, 2022"

    • Jane Mitchell

      Thank you Pastor JD. Two powerful messages today! Jesus is coming! Love, prayers and blessings for you, your family and church family!

    • Pia Dinitzen

      the way you describe jealousy is actually envy! Envy comes from coveting which is a sin! Jealousy is never described as a sin in the Bible. Even God says I am a jealous God (Ex 20:5, 34:14; Deut 4:23-24, 32:16; 2 Cor 11:2). Jealousy comes from love. Jealousy actually shows that you love! Envy is when you covet something that belong to others. Jealousy is when someone is depriving you of something/someone that belongs to you for example by a covenant!! Jealousy in the Bible is always in play when there is a covenant! satan really succeeded destroying many marriages over this, and psychologists made lots of money "treating" people for a "disease" that instead should be considered a healthy feeling!!! Satan is a liar from the beginning!

    • Lovethy Neighbor

      "The Calling"

      I Was sitting in a cell watching the rain, Thinking about the times only brought back the pain

      Wishing I was free, free as a bird, so I could take up my wings and fly with the Word,

      I reap what I sow and I get out what I put in, If you only knew where I've been, you'd know my life was a Sin

      But I sit here and Write about my life and the times, Wishing I could retract and take back the Crimes

      But we all know what drugs do, they put you in the dirt, they strip you of your Dignity, they make your heart ache with hurt

      If you can relate to what I'm saying then this rhyme is just for you, It's time to get a clue and let GOD see US through,

      This life full of haterz and world full of lies, it's the TRUTH that we seek and it's right in front of our EYES!

      So look deep within and let your HEART defeat your MIND! don't walk this world BLIND or you might be left behind!

      Because the devil is Deceivious and Swift in his ways, he's like a 2 horned monster, he stalks what he preys,

      So you better be on your game when the temptations come for you, I hope you've got the clue or you just might be made a fool,

      If you're feeling what I'm saying, This just might be your day, The day you come to CHRIST because by GOD HE'S the only WAY, The TRUTH and the LIFE, Accept HIM right now HE just might take your STRIFE!

      If you think I'm playing then you got me all wrong, What kind of cold hearted person you think would write this song?

      I write this out of LOVE which GOD has for YOU and ME, If you could only see what I see you'd know you were free

      From the SHACKLES and the CHAINS which entrap us by the night, Makes us fall to sin, But Family I walk in LIGHT!

      So catch my drift and get on my Level, Stop gambling with your SOUL or you just might meet the devil!

      If you don't got the point, I advise you to run, you may SEEK you may FIND, But you won't HIDE from the SON!!! <– ( Jesus )


      As life goes on its more clear to see, that what I put my 🧠mind🧠 to, I'm stone 🥶Cold🥶 destined to be

      Which is a lyricist at 🫀heart🫀 and I'm a T.H.U.G in the 🧠mind🧠, I'm a (True.Hero.Under.God) the Lord gave me my ⚠sign⚠

      So I ✏signed my life away✏ and gave it all to the lord, then I took up my ⚔sword⚔ and cut my umbilical cord

      Now I'm on the 🪖battlefield🪖, steady here ready to play, there's ❤‍🔥hearts❤‍🔥 that need saving, so It's here that ⛑I stay⛑

      Leading people ➡right➡ when they have nothing ⬅left⬅ to lose, teach um about Christ, His free 🎁gift🎁, then leave them to choose

      See It's about life or death, that's why I write these 🎶songs🎶, no matter how down and out you may be, he can 📝write your wrongs📝

      So take my advice and walk into the 💡light💡, by the time you walk into it you'll be given your 👀sight👀

      Your sight to fulfill your ☎calling☎, who knows what it may be, give yourself a chance, have faith and you will 🕶see🕶

      Life in a new view, people in a new way, It's ❣His Love to be given❣ so It's here that I 🙏Pray🙏

      For your life to be transformed and your 🖤heart🖤 to be turned from hate, see the devils in control of most but by grace It's not too ⏰late⏰

      To slay the 😈wicked one😈 way deep down in your soul, let the 💡light shine in💡 and let God make you ⛳whole⛳

      So the choice is up to you, so what's it gonna be⁉, cuz a life without ❤Love❤ is a Life where your not Free.

      "Eyez Wide Open"

      the worlds gettin colder as my eyes are being enlightened,

      the more I look around the more demons I be fightin,

      they hate whats in me, its called Unconditional Love, theres only one place that comes from, and thats from strait up above,

      so I'm strivin forward doin what I do best, and thats putin fire out with water comin strait from my chest,

      these bars are like my bullets and the Lord is my vest, protecting me from all the evil thats how I know that I'm blessed

      now I'm pushin and I'm strivin for the end of the race, seekin his face, at the same time covered in grace,

      cuz i'm redeemed by the blood of Jesus cuz he came here to be, the one and only Son of God our Savior you see,

      now I'm humbled that I see cuz I use to be blind, walking down a road to destruction, the devil thought he had my soul,

      but you gotta understand, I was chosen for this walk it was all part of Gods plan,

      to be a vocal warrior for the lost and confuzed, dazed and amused, thinkin I'm tryin to fake the good news,

      I'm bringin a light to this reality and salt to this equation, this isnt a matter of thought and this isnt persuasion,

      this is spoken truth strait here to see, each and every one of you get saved and you'll be,

      not only born again but you'll be forgivin of all things, revealed the truth, revealed the life and be broken of all chains.

      But just remember the devils out here tryin to snatch you up quick, walkin around roarin like a lion he's sick,

      so when the temptations come around and your heart starts tuggin, thats Jesus saying come this way the devils just buggin,

      thats when you suite up with the full armor of God, shine your light and get to teachin with the whole squad,

      cuz that's why we're here fam is to spread the good news, that there is life after death

      Jesus paid all the dues!


      "Jesus IS Coming SOON"!(Revelation 22:7) so be Ready!.. We are Living in the Last Days(2 Timothy 3:1-5), Prophecy is Coming True, and Eternity is FOREVER!(1 John 2:17) Jesus is the Way, The Truth and the Life, and the ONLY Way to make it to Heaven!(John 14:6) So REPENT, Believe in Jesus Christ & You WILL Be SAVED!(Acts 16:31) Salvation is a Free Gift of God(Romans 6:23) God gave us Free Will and 1 Life to choose HEAVEN or Hell, GOD or the devil, GOOD or Evil, TRUTH or Lies, LIFE or Death. Choose Heaven, Choose GOD, Choose Good, Choose Life and Choose Truth! For The TRUTH shall Set you FREE!!! 💯

      Acts 4:12

      "There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” – That name is JESUS!!!!!

      1 Timothy 2:5

      "For there is ONE GOD, and there is ONE mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,”


    • Uriel Chavez

      💚 well done sir. You’re greatly blessed

    • sherry harper

      Thank you Pastor JD😊

    • Michael Digman

      I'm going to be a Berean today. I will trust but verify. I've heard some things about this discussion on other channels that I've witnessed the truth of. I pray it was in error. Please JD, keep with Truth. I won't stay if you are in error.

    • Gadol Elohai

      Amen! Thank you Jesus ❤️

    • veronica pace

      Don't you ever wish that someone who is always whining and complaining would become a hypocrite and say everything is good.. lol

    • TPW7777777 W


    • Karen Sanders

      I needed this.

    • Gadol Elohai

      Taking notes 📝 God bless you Pastor JD!

    • Tammie Thompson

      Thank you! What an encouraging sermon as usual!!!

    • Debbie Klein

      During the Tribulation Walmarts will be turned into Fema camps. That is why there are so many, even small towns have them.

    • Amy D

      Lord I need your healing and he help🙏

    • LC Behold

      🔴Watch: "A corrupt Government & The very real Threat of nuclear War…!!! " on YouTube ➡


      Thank you Father! Glory to God ❤️🙏

    • feistyterrier

      I'm in Houston. I WISH I could be apart of your church!

    • hans strang

      Guys I need some prayer. The devil's attacking my mind about how I am suppose to be alone. My last relationship well she tried to kill me and made me homeless so it's difficult for me opening up because I don't want to end up in another abusive relationship.


      Sovereign LORD GOD Almighty,
      My Creator, I come boldly into the Inner Chamber, unveiled and make petition. I bow before YOU give ALL Glory, ALL Honor and ALL the Praise for YOU Alone are Worthy.
      Grant the meditations of my mind and my words related to the aforementioned meditation, in every utterance be of Your Sprit within. In and with Christ. AMEN.

    • ChildofGOD

      Jesus died for our sins. I will never stop trusting in him even though I’m struggling putting groceries in the refrigerator, and paying bills. I’m a single mother. Like many others, I lost my job as a social worker because I declined the vaccine. I declined because of my pre existing health condition (Lupus) and Heart disease. I was denied my medical/religious exemption from Forsyth Hospital. I’m waitressing but not making nearly enough to make ends meet. My husband is in heaven with God. I’m all alone. No family nor friends. Both of my sons are autistic, and non verbal so they require a lot from me. Every month is a struggle, a battle to not end up on the streets. Im so tired and I want to give up. BUT I HAVE FAITH GOD WILL PROVIDE. He has this far. Thank you Jesus. I BELIEVE. Faith over fear!

    • Wendy a Christian

      Thank you Pastor Forage
      I can't wait to see you in Heaven. We are going home soon
      I'm so excited to see my Lord Jesus. I also can't wait to see my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Oh yeah, I can't wait to see the Angels too. We have so so much to look forward to.

    • Susan Bouquot


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