Pastor JD talks about the profound impact of men being godly leaders in the home and the church. Connect with Pastor J.D. Farag on Social Media to stay updated on his latest Bible Prophecy teachings and End Times-related news. Uploaded with permissions.


    7 replies to "When Men Are Godly by JD Farag"

    • Lorraine S.

      EVERY male, whether a Christian or not, should listen to this message…

    • A A

      Good stuff. Except for the dog part!

    • Anne Clay

      Wow.Have been waiting a long time to hear such an excellent teaching . I'm Anne from India.Only recently God opened our eyes to the fact that we were in the wrong church and have since come across your amazing teaching.Thank you so much and God bless.Keep bringing more truths.

    • Priscilla Taylor

      This question is for PASTOR FARAG ONLY…..

      Pastor Farog:
      You read Scripture that I've never heard before:
      Because of Eve being deceived instead of Adam, women will be saved ONLY through childbearing AND continued faith. I'm 59 and barren. I wanted children, but could never conceive.
      Am I doomed for eternity in hell no matter how much faith I have?

    • Rod Beaty

      so many answers for men thank you for this

    • Grace Raised Me Up

      Lord isn't tarrying.

    • last call

      This is an amazing template for being equally yoked before God with your spouse

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