A singer-songwriter with a set of pipes.

    4 replies to "WhizKids: Sabia Farag"

    • Charlene Roberts

      Im blown away by your old rugged cross last resurrection Sunday!!

    • Bunny girl

      Wow God bless you Sabia šŸ’œyou sound like an angel

    • A. Samuels

      Are you judging yourself by the same standards? Sabia is a child not a pastor. Don't expect her to echo her father.

    • R. Anderson

      I honestly thought Sabia was going to name only Gospel artistes as those she looked up to. She spoke about believing in herself & nothing about Jesus. I listen to her dad on Jam Markell's radio show "Understanding the Times" speak of Eschatology & all things Jesus & doing things for the Kingdom, so I was not only surprised that Sabia sings pop, I am a bit disappointed. The Lord has certainly blessed her with wonderful talents. I pray she will use them to win souls for Jesus' Kingdom.

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