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On this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2017, Steve Hannett says your breakthrough, your healing, your miracle is just a breath away. Steve says that ANY believer in Jesus can be healed of ANYTHING if you get connected with heaven! And he wants to connect you.

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    29 replies to "Why Am I Not Healed? Steve Hannett Has the Answer | Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!"

    • sk8orhate55

      Currently longing for belonging and purpose . Never felt so alone in my life. I came across this video and it turns out this church is 2 towns away from me. See ya Sunday ❤ 🙏. God is good .

    • Edwina S. Dyck

      Wow excellent glory be to God alone Amen

    • J H

      Asking for prayer for healing of my neck, since it has a sebaceous cyst on it that will need surgery.


      "This child is perfect!" Every hair on my body stood straight on hearing the atheist doctor say that!!!



    • l I

      Jesus I receive healing

    • ZJ

      This was a great message and a couple of inspiring testimonials, but still didn't answer the question for the many as to why am I not healed.

    • ZJ

      I am alone and isolated from anyone to lay hands on me. I have had ear trouble and the left side of my head has not been well in 4 years. Yes, I have prayed repented, quoted the scriptures on healing. I believe, and have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior many years ago. I have confessed my healing with complete expectation. I have had several telephone ministries pray with me and for me. And it's still there. I was just asking God today what I am doing wrong. I know God never fails and I can't figure out where I'm failing.

    • Rebecca Nicholas

      I'm 57. God has healed me of a pain in my eye, multiple times of fatigue, a sore stomach, an asthma attack, a really sore throat and an infected finger. God is wonderful!!! He has used ME twice to heal my sister and once to heal my friend of hip and neck pain and also a Pastor's wife of back pain.

    • northstar smith

      It was very difficult to listen to this. Someone was constantly cross-talking. Perhaps the speaker needs a noise cancelling mike? I need this teaching!

    • Tamra Says

      It’s the hallelujah for me! God be glorified. Let’s all walk in the healings he has given us. Anyone on here who suffers from a STD I am being led to let you know that in Jesus’ name, you have been cleansed and washed by his BLOOD. Go forth and walk in your healing; go and retake those blood and urine test and watch how the doctors will be amazed. Go forth and sin no moreeee my friends❣️

    • juu

      Jesus my healer

    • Elizabeth Mackey

      So.focused on what God.had done through Jeshhua on the Cross ✝️ Amen

    • Fausto Montoya

      Oren por mí para que el señor me dé fuerzas cada, día me Estoi encaminando en el camino del señor Jesús oren por mí, mujer, e hijos, necesito oración gracias saludos cordiales desde España Asturias dé vuestro hermano en Cristo Faustino gracias qué Dios les bendiga mucho

    • Subhamanroi Khonglah

      Praise the Lord

    • RK Chevy140

      Remember Me in Prayer, I cut My finger with stitches. Believing God 4 Full recovery of index finger. THANK U JESUS 💓

    • honey bee3

      Let there be light👍🏼
      Let there be light👍🏼
      Let there be light👍🏼

    • Deborah Meringer

      I agree with this prayer I receive I believe in Jesus Mighty name Amen

    • Jack Verigan

      My daughter’s boyfriend has a few months to live he has cancer and he needs salvation he also has a satanic belief his name is Johnny

    • Debra Mott

      We will see our love
      One a gain

    • famasmaster2000

      Praise God. For He is the way the truth and the life!!!! Amen 🙏

    • Robb

      Who is the Korean man??

    • Maria Miranda

      Amen gloria a dios Amén

    • Ramona M

      One Spirit, one Church, one God. The Catholic Church has all the answers.

    • MR. SMILEY

      By His strife's we will be healed.

    • Al Pileggl


    • Al Pileggl

      AND A GEEK!!!

    • Al Pileggl


    • Gertrude Michira

      Pray for me to walk in supernatural to bring change to my world thanks am blessed

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