Pastor JD talks about why it is that some Christians are never shaken, despite what, or who, is coming against them.

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    18 replies to "Why Some Christians Are Never Shaken, 2 Peter 1:12-15 – December 18th, 2022"

    • Ness

      After the last 2yrs, and particularly the last 12 to 18 months I have had all my faith tested by living here in Australia and standing strong against ALL shamdemic mandates, rules and persecution for not complying ever. I have never worn a mask, never QR coded, never social distanced and I always say NO to anyone who expects people to be jabbed and the whole time, the Lord showed me just how immovable I can be. I am rock solid in my faith. We lost jobs and income and the Lord provided. Yes there were times I was scared and feeling weary and discouraged but my prayer life has thrived. I hung onto the word, prayed like a warrior and slayed the demons that attempted to take away my faith. Honestly, if I can stand so strong against such evil and continue to refuse to comply, anyone can. I used my sword of God's word. I covered myself in God's armour and I continue to slay. You don't know how strong you can be until you are in that fire and have no other choice but to stand.

    • Rosalee Dent

      I love your steadfast encouragement, Pastor JD, you help us all to realize what to focus on, strive for and live in the power of prayer and the assurance of our Blessed Hope
      that we find in the written word of God. Thank you for your ministry , Blessed Assurance is mine, Amen.

    • Judy Williams

      Humble thyself In The Sight Of The Lord, AND He Will Lift you UP;
      He Will Lift you Up

    • Shelley

      Amen, Jd. We've allowed the world to complicate the simplicity of our faith. Faith is not dependent on our intellect understanding everything. Quite the contrary. Thanks for the encouragement. Love from Michigan.

    • Renu Kovoor

      Yes Pastor, our Departure has come and we are leaving now…..

    • sifu jedi

      Thanks for reminding me of steady Eddie, an Australian comedian, with mental illness, lovely guy I gotta know a little.

    • sifu jedi

      This world is not my home.
      Save the lost
      Water the seed
      So the last of our generation may be saved, and we can go home

    • sifu jedi

      Steel kill and destroy
      – joy hope and faith.
      ¿ what is your biblical ref. For that answer ?

    • Shay Sdy


    • EYE OF GOD

      Amen 🙏🏻 Beautiful message Pastor JD. 🥰 Praying for you daily. 💞I can’t wait to get back to heaven Pastor, it’s magnificent. I am Greatly Blessed, Highly Favoured and Deeply Loved. Since I was taken to heaven in 1990 I am no longer interested in the things of this world, I have lost all attachments to this place and have been steadfast in Grace and in my Faith since. Waiting to see our Lord again, hanging out for the Rapture and my new body.
      Gods Word is health to my flesh and strength to my bones, I buckle up in His armour every morning Ephesians 6 and I also cast my cares upon Him and He makes my day flow like a river, 1 Peter 5:7 for He will never leave me or forsake me, Hebrew 13:5? Praise you again Pastor for a great message and I will be watching it again. Many Blessings to you Pastor JD. 🤗 🙌🏻 ✝️ 🫶🏻

    • Leon Seva

      Before you think the Christmas tree or Christmas came from the pagans, look at Ken Johnson's video on the subject. Ty

    • Julie's Garden of Joy

      Thank you, Pastor JD. Your message is right where we need to be today. Simplicity in prayer, in trust, in holiness, and in perseverance. Let us all take on the armor of God and March for Christ in each community that we live, where the Lord has placed His children to spread His message to unbelievers. And May His Holy Spirit prompt all men to look to Jesus for eternal salvation of our souls, salvation that only Jesus has conquered for God’s own. In The Name of Jesus we pray! Amen. 🙏🏻✝️☮️❤️

    • Fedup


    • Fedup

      Like I Tell My Brother. That God Bless Me So Much, I’m Low In come, And Everything I Have Belongs To God, And Whoever Is Left Behind,,God Bless And MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL,,

    • Fedup

      My Sister Is Sending Me A Digital Something For Christmas,,,ALL I WANT IS THE RAPTURE, WANT TO BE GOING UP WITH JESUS REALLY SOON!

    • Fedup

      God Bless U Pastor,Thank U,,,

    • rosa botes

      Pastor JD your word is always sooo wonderful to listen and yes trust God ….as Paul go back to basic….Amen JD you are always praying !!!!
      You know how much I always dream to stay were you live !!
      Trust Lord Jesus is Coming soon I keep looking up like 5 wise Virgins
      Love to you and family

    • Monica Atkinson

      Awesome, much needed sermon. ✝️

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