Pastor JD talks about why it is that we can “choose” hope instead of fear and anxiety in the midst of persecution, trials and hardships.

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    10 replies to "Why We Can Choose Hope, 1 Peter 1:1-5 – August 21st, 2022"

    • Pia

      You are such a blessing from God J.D Farag, God bless! / Pia from Sweden

    • Hettie Mortlock

      JDFARAG, be blessed and stay blessed! I thank God for your words of encouragement and love. You are truly a JD!

    • Kelly Rawluk

      I clean vacation homes in a mountain resort. I currently have a lease that I secured for 1 year .Why you might ask? My husband dying of cancer. We had purchased a 5th wheel to travel for the remaining time.But he had a turn last June, I didn't want him to die in the trailer. Prayers for a place with trees and windows with beautiful view. This came up and within 1 day we were approved and believe me this was a miracle. We moved in December 4 ,he passed on hospice in this house on February 20th. I say all this to say. Just want a cabin by a river with a wood burning stove,with my husband of 36 years coming to see me.And we talking about all that we went through and how overwhelming thankful that the Lord saved us We will worship Him forever together ❤ I miss you Bill.P.S.PastorI live in Idaho, in the mountains. I love it,originally from California. Been here 25years.

    • Texas

      Hawaii is so fortunate to have JD in the house!!!!!!

    • Lynda Jacobs

      I'm looking to the hope that I have in Jesus and can hardly wait till He comes. Right now, I'm distressed because my beautiful, loving and precious cat of only 14 years is dying of kidney failure–eating VERY little since and including last Saturday, and not much water either. I've been concerned about the well-being of both cats, especially when I'm raptured. I've given their lives to the Lord and asked Him to take care of them. I accept what's happening, and will need to call the vet tomorrow, possibly to have her put down. But I feel like balling my eyes out! I will grieve for her for a while, but at least I will know she's not left to suffer. I feel strange writing this because I know that PEOPLE are going through SO much worse than this. I just can't help it.

    • Pat oden

      Thanks Pastor JD for this very encouraging and HOPE-filled sermon.
      Yes, I remember Dave Hunt and read all his books years ago.
      Keeping you, your family and the church in prayers daily.

    • Robert Burke

      Consider reading the book "Think Like an Advanced Christian. – Burke". Excellent!

    • M B

      I love you Pastor J.D …Thank you for being such a blessing to us all…to your local flock and those of us far and wide 💛🙌🙏 May God bless you abundantly

    • Julie Peters

      Wow! How I would have loved to sit in on that lunch with JD, Chuck Missler and Dave Hunt.

    • Mandy-Steve Dubberley

      Get 5 white lamps and the brightest lights globes for each corner under your house and roof in your home to get the demons right out of your home and do the same thing for your under patio in your sheds everything watch the demons flee away from you and you will see how much peace and safety there is in your home and yard let's do this everyone please 🥰🥰🥰

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