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    10 replies to "Why You Don't See Miracles"

    • Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

      ▶▶Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/U7S5NeSG4N8

    • S. H.

      Many times we don't have Miracles, because when we asked, there is unforgiveness in our hearts, unbelief, or some other wrong motive that God knows we are harboring. It's important to humble ourselves before Him daily, moment by moment…and not give Satan any opening by unconfessed sins.

    • Mimi Bergerac

      You have to accept the "little" miracles, too, but you are still supposed to carry your cross.

    • Roberto Arriola-Bustamante

      Miracles are the result of serving and loving one another, star by feeding, clothing ,housing the hungry ,orphan, homeless etc Isaiah 58

    • Arturo Guerra-Mondragon

      There's nothing we have that is not given us. We have to be enabled by GRACE and by His LOVE!

    • Mimmi Fofana

      Amen Therese is Mirakel i havet Seinfeld it man time thank you Lord for Evert mirakel you doping in my lite and my children and grand childrens lite hallelujah

    • Marc Paule

      Isn't it written that the church has the power of the lord JESUS CHRIST. But don't know how to use it.what you have to Understand is the enemy knows how to use there power.and they no alot more than what you think .start learning and watching th ings on what they no and do.Get to no our enemy. BECAUSE THEY NO US US.

    • Rev 3:18

      I have witnessed miracles that are mind blowing like seeing a solid glory cloud turn to gold, instant visible wound healing and so much more….

    • Mama Gee

      Miracles happen to me everyday.
      Thank you so much Pastor Kynan,
      Hon. Sid

    • Flora M

      Jesus plz grant me divine healing

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