Winter Campmeeting 2020 🌎🚀🙌 Celebrating 40 Years of Ministry, and all that is to come!
Jan 19-26 | Tampa, FL | #WCM2020

Spend a week in Tampa, Florida with Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne immersing yourself in the Word & Presence of God. Come and be refreshed, revived, and empowered, to bring revival and a fresh touch from Heaven to your church, city, state, and nation.

RMI World Headquarters
3738 River International Drive
Tampa, FL 33610

Sunday-Sunday at 10 AM & 7 PM
Doors will open 1 hour before service. Spanish translation will be available for every service.

    3 replies to "Winter Campmeeting 2020 | Rodney Howard-Browne"

    • Chrisonthia All Things Glam

      Anyone that thumbs down this is of the Devil 👿

    • lifevorce

      God bless and keep all Targeted Individuals in America. My county, my town. Yahwehprotect us, in Jesus Name! .

    • Matt & Lou Lalor

      I will be there! Coming from Australia 😀

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