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On this week’s episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2017, you have to see who Steven Brooks met in Heaven! When there is a disconnect with promises for healing and family salvations, what then? Steven Brooks was caught up to Heaven to learn the answer. He says you are the catalyst for their release.

What is the key to receiving answers from Heaven? Believers are taught salvation comes by grace through faith. Steven Brooks brings eye-opening revelation on possessing the promises of God. He gives a powerful glimpse of the inheritance that is available to every believer. To you.

Once you are a member of God’s family, there is more to learn. It took years of ministry and a trip to Heaven for Steven’s revelation. Among the keys he learned are how to:

• Transform your mind to think from God’s realm of unlimited supply
• Build faith through your supernatural prayer language
• Live in the place of peace
• Ask and receive the desires of your heart
• Activate the process of manifesting the God’s blessings

Understanding your inheritance changes how you approach God and how you receive His provision! This offer also includes Steven’s “Manifesting Your Healing” scripture card.

Steven Brooks is a dynamic minister of the gospel who operates in a remarkable prophetic gift and a healing anointing. His teaching and ministry have taken him throughout America and around the world. Steven and his wife, Kelly, live in North Carolina.

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    28 replies to "You Have to See Who I Met in Heaven! | Steven Brooks"

    • Steven Brooks International

      Thank you! Keep pursuing Jesus!

    • klyla

      It was the first thing

    • Daniel Biaka

      God bless you Uncle Sid and your team. Your programs are a blessing to my faith.

    • wasi malik

      l love you sid sir love you so much.
      live joyful life ever.😇😇

    • Harley 🙏🤍

      What do they smell like I can remember when my grandma died,A brush of cold air came around the family like everyone felt it and as she took her last breath all we smelled was 🌸 and they smelled so good and fresh😩

    • Jason

      You said lungs being healed , ashtma being healed and i have ashtma and i recieve this healing by faith and im ready to share my testimony!❤️🙏

    • Serie Gomes

      YES, All things are possible to those who believe.

    • Equalizer TIME


    • Equalizer TIME

      OMY GOSSSH JOESEPE I LOVE HIM!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💕

    • Benton Mckinney

      Request prayers for medical and financial issues

    • Esther Jasmine@


    • Rhonda Talita

      Thanks for testmony I believe that words will change my life I have problems in my life With my children

    • Tarang

      Thank you JESUS CHRIST

    • Sharon Bowers

      This blessed my socks off.

    • Bilal Kedir

      Woo I'm blessed , they are talking real folks they are talking real. Receive it amen

    • W-Roxie Clumber

      God Bless everyone you can turn to God before it’s to late you have free will!

    • nondumiso mbukwana

      I'm watching and I'm blessed thank you man of God my Faith is activated right now Glory to Jesus _ I'm in South Africa

    • Lucy Urbanski


    • Net Calindo

      PRIMA BAHASA CINTA*** yesus menyembuhkan banyak orang -perintahkan mempersiapkan sebuah perahu supaya jagan hempit-hempitan! GOOD

    • Opeyemi Akande

      The first time I watched his program on youtube I was moved spiritually into heaven. God bless him richly

    • Justin Chamberlain

      12:40 praying in tongues and "visualizing" is "what launched my ministry"

    • •••Luna•••

      Joseph of Cupertino is a Catholic saint, he used to levitate which is why we call him the flying monk

    • Mathew Chandy

      Please pray for my son Jacob he is a drunken man and he is having lukoderma please pray for his cure and salvation

    • Cody Antrim

      I watch this show all day everyday 😇🤩

    • Michael Gallagher

      Sid you are a heartless parasite

    • angel peñaloza

      Buenas ,necesito oración para mí marido enfermedad de artritis zoriasica en todo cuerpo ,gracias!!!!!

    • Taiwo Adeola

      Father Lord please do supernatural this in my life and family

    • Winona Swakum

      I totally believe everything Steven Brooks say. When I was researching heaven, and the kingdom, I had a divine encounter of a beautiful fragrance. If you totally fall in Love with Jesus, am happy, I believe the manifestation of God will happen, search have out God with all your heart

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