Find out who sat next to Sid on his flight to Tel Aviv…

    10 replies to "You'll Never Guess Who Sat Next to Me on the Plane!"

    • GoTellJesusSaves

      Amen, Sid!
      In my years of evangelism, I have found sharing my personal testimony to have just as much power as a prophetic word, miracle or healing.

    • Elizabeth Zacharias

      Thank you Sir
      I love that you are so welcoming to share your insights and passion for our Jewish family. Bless your family and you with all He has planned for you. Love your childlike all in faith.
      Shalom 🙌
      Love your beautiful humility and vast experience with our Messiah, very exciting to learn from your life with Yeshua
      Blessings Mr. Roth

    • Nicolette Hiott

      Amen our souls by the grace of God connect in amazing supernatural ways. I believe our testimony’s will always reveal the true presence and love of our savior Jesus for the love of our father!

    • Shekinah JP

      Wow… all glory to God🌻🌻🌻

    • Marisol Hernandez

      Please pray for my breakthrough and healing and for my son Ethan

    • Obey Jesus Christ

      عیسی مسیح فرزند خدای زنده تنها راه نجات و تنها راه بسوی آرامش هست، توبه کنید و عیسی مسیح را بعنوان تنها نجات دهنده خود بپذیرید و زندگی جاوید پیدا کنید.

    • Lloydell Miller

      God is bringing them home.

    • Gedi Steve1

      Jesus Trump is under attack by WOKE

    • Tricia Longcrier

      Amen, Sid!
      Brilliant indeed!
      God Bless you.


      I love the Russian people… It breaks my heart that they are not at peace yet with the people in Ukraine…

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