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    17 replies to "You're Allowing Satan to Make You Sick!"

    • Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

      ▶▶Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/cWnHOBnwb90

    • Tracy Peterson

      Amen 🙏, Thank you Father God for the authority over evil.

    • David Sparks


    • Sunny Joy

      Truth! Preach it!

    • Isaac Kafoa

      C'mon now! Simplicity in truth is so powerful! It's the knowing and remembering of what the WORD says we have and what we can do in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!!!

    • Jenna

      Christians need to shut UP about sickness in a post-pandemic world. You guys all hid in your houses just like everyone else…when you weren't whining about how you needed to get to church IN PERSON to satisfy your group-think addiction.

    • Cindy Thomas

      Amen Thank you for your blessings us with your prayers words Amen

    • Rebecca Wright

      Amen the Devil is the Father of all lies. Don't let the Devil in your head and don't speak negative. Think on Good things and the Devil gets Lost.

    • David Vernon

      Omg. You Christian’s actually think that the devil puts thoughts in your head? Lol

    • His Bummer Lamb

      Amen!!!! God radically healed me of fibromyalgia after 18 long years !! On August 3 2022

    • Ronald Perry

      God gave Satan the authority to give Job sickness. This man is a false teacher.

    • James Jokerst

      He sounds good but he just a money grubber kinda like joel osteen and wife, enriching himself with other peoples money, i live in same city he has a church in, they live loke kings while his congregation does without, jusy my opinion

    • Vance Whitworth

      EVE in her innocence got dupped by Satan the greatest deceiver that has ever lived.

      Consider this. This same Satan (Lucifer) was able to dup a third of the Angel's into believing that he would be like God to the point these angeles believe him and rebelled in heaven until tossed out.

      My point is if Satan could dup a third of the Angel's with his cunning words that he would be like the most high God who was Eve. You might say Eve in her innocence was deceived by a pedifile Satan.

      It was Adam fault. Why didnt Adam go up and knock that serpent in the head or rebuke him and protect his wife. Why didnt Adam approach God as her High Priest and ask God to forgive her. He instead ate of the fruit like a stupid guy. Eve didnt hold Adam in a head lock an make him eat.

      God blames the man and truly loves the woman so much that he calls the Church a Bride which means a Bride will ultimately become a Wife.

      It was women who stayed and watched Jesus get beaten and Crucified while the men had ran and hid themselves. It was a woman to whom Jesus had revealed him self first and not men.

      We Men have never done right but only blamed the woman whom God loves as a wife.

    • Arturo Guerra-Mondragon

      If he persuaded a third of the angels, who are Sooooo much knowledgeable and smarter than we are, we are easy pickings for him. The battle against him should be God's not ours. The Angels know that as they battle against him, they leave it to God.

    • Ruth Parks

      That is the recipe right there! Faith plus belief plus imagination– and you can do anything!
      You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. You just have to believe that, and have an imagination to actually picture the desired outcome.

    • David Costello

      Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb JESUS Holy Mary Mother of GOD pray for us sinners Spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of love over all of humanity now and at the hour of our death Amen

      This prayer blinds Satan

    • Cristina Gonzalez

      Porfavor ponganlo en español

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