Dr. Charles Fox reveals the truth from Heaven on interpreting your dreams!
▶▶Night Vision by Dr. Charles Fox [Book & 4-CDs]: http://bit.ly/3tCHNgp
▶▶Night Vision by Dr. Charles Fox [Digital Download]: http://bit.ly/3O32sn1

While you sleep, Holy Spirit speaks.

Too many believers want to understand their dreams but don’t know where to start.

In Night Vision, Dr. Charles Fox lays out what the Bible says about dreams and then shares his own personal journey of dream encounters and their interpretations. Charles gives practical steps, common dream symbols and prayers of activation that have helped many get the breakthrough they needed. Wake up your dream life.

Night Vision will teach you how to:

✅ Interpret your dreams
✅ Recognize dreams of instruction, warning and encouragement
✅ Respond to what God is saying
✅ Discern counterfeit dreams
✅ Interpret others’ dreams

Charles says you really can sharpen your “night vision,” and it has the potential to carry your relationship with God to a whole new level. His 3-part audio series, Your Journey to Supernatural Dream Encounters, is a direct path to:

✅ Begin nightly dream encounters with God
✅ Learn how to discern and disarm the spirit of deception and counterfeit
✅ Turn “nightmares” to God’s advantage—and yours

Charles’ offer includes his prayers of assurance (guide) and audio teaching Night Vision for Children. Give yours an early start!

▶▶Night Vision by Dr. Charles Fox [Book & 4-CDs]: http://bit.ly/3tCHNgp
▶▶Night Vision by Dr. Charles Fox [Digital Download]: http://bit.ly/3O32sn1

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    18 replies to "You're Interpreting Your Dreams WRONG!"

    • Sue R

      I saw 2 demons when I was around 5 or so.. The first 2 demons that I saw looked like a short man and the other was a tall man. I saw another demon when I was16 years old.He was a tall man in a solid black robe with a hood on his face but he had no face to see, It was totally black in the hood where his face should have been. I have seen small black orb's in the house from time to time. When My husband & I came home from a funeral parlor where a person was being shown at I saw 2 BIG black orb's. When we got home I saw the orbs go across the counter in the kitchen/livingroom counter top & go out the wall to go outside. They had followed us home. I have not seen them since. I have seen angels, little pillars of fire and hevenly angels appear as bright orb's. Most orb's are white but I saw a BIG see through blue orb too when I was around 22 or 23 years old. I see other lights that look like tiny little stars. They are normally either white or gold looking. Some twinkle and some do not. I have seen a apparition appear before me that was a friend of mine before he had died. e was letting me know that he was ok. I also have seen a cloud that they start appearing as before they turn more solid looking. I had a cloud appear in my house that I would start seeing as around a 6 ft tall cloud. It appeared in the kitchen a float through to my bedroom where I was watching TV. It went through the wall and left. The next day it woud do the same thing. Tis went on for 5 days. I believe it was my brother that was trying to let me know that he was ok.
      He promiced me that he would try to contact me when he died. He had cancer but he died from the covid shot that the doctor gave him before the cancer killed him.I seen all those things with my eyes. I also see a lot of supernatural things at night on my Arlo security cameras. I also have been visited by Jesus through the years in my dreams. He told me in one of those dreams that he would visit me several times in times of troubles. I Love visions ! They are as real as someone that stands before you in the flesh.

    • nanise cagivinaka

      This is no coincidence. I was just looking around Brother Sid's website Store yesterday night when Dr. Charles Fox's Book caught my attention. I have never wanted a Book so badly in my Life. I was trying to see if there was a digital copy that I could download for free because I didn't have money for it. I couldn't get the Book though but I am so very thankful that I got to watch this video today. It gave me an idea of what I should be doing when it comes to dreaming. Thank you so much, brothers. I greatly appreciate it. 🤍🤍

    • Ms. Ronnie L. Harris

      Baltimore 🌹 Maryland
      Abba Father Please Give Me The Dreams That U Want Me To
      🙏 Have 🙏
      I Will Keep A Notebook
      Beside My Chair @
      Nite Dreams +

    • Kimberly Ryan

      Death does not stop God from ministering salvation to those in need. There are so few in the earth that will not leave in the rapture and mens prayers will not be the reason for this. God loved before each soul was created and he will keep loving even after death no matter how much that person swayed from truth. He knows how weak we are.

    • Cathy Ammons

      What if you never, ever, ever remember your dreams? I want to remember my dreams. What do I do?

    • Esther McGrew

      Amen I believe and receive another confirmation. So greatful for help with discerning the difference between what is from God and the enemy.

    • Carlisle Vinson

      Love Sid Roth!

    • cillalilly

      There wasn't anything about interpreting them wrong.

    • Fragrance De Paradiso

      I'd love to write down good dreams not bad ones.
      I rebuke any bad dreams in the name of JESUS!

    • Negatwa Assrat

      Thank you very mach for the wonderful teaching. I dream many dreams everyday but most of the time I don't remember them. I dnt know whay. Would you please pray for me that I will remember them.

    • Baulha Booysen

      I dream of a eagle sitting on my left shoulder looking in my eyes and then it flew away and became outline above houses, what does this mean?

    • deno Njoka

      Hawayu Dr. Charles Fox 4 I Say That I Have Been Blessed By Yur Powerful Testimony on Night Visions & Dreams Where When I Discern Yu Dr. Charles Fox & What Yu Have Said About Yur Dreams Especially a demon Fighting Yu & Yu Going 2 Heaven By Seeing Our Great LORD Jesus Christ Throwing Seven Fireballs Which Interpreted 2 Seven Spirits, I Have Discerned Those are Not Tru Where I Agree With Yu Dr. Charles Fox That Our Great Almighty God Speaks 2 Us Thru Dreams & Night Visions Which Is Tru, I Say That Our Great Almighty God Is Not a God of Confusion Written In 1st Corinthians 14:33 4 It's Sad That Yu Dr. Charles Fox Is Making Merchandise Out of Our Great Almighty God Written In 2nd Peter 2:3 4 I Have Been Blessed Dr. Charles Fox 4 I Say That God Bless Yu Dt. Charles Fox & Sid Roth It's Supernatural So Veryyyyyy, Veryyyyyy Much.🙏🙏🕊️🕊️

    • lipa shmelzer

      I like him ! 🙂 Hallelujah for that man !


      Interpret ? WOW!

    • Living Water Wells

      Declaring miracles of healing for those reading this with asthma and lung complications! Be healed and filled with the peace of Jesus Christ! 🙌🏽 Breathe in and receive your healing by faith in Jesus alone! 🙏🏽

    • Vartan Khatchadourian

      God bless you brother Sid roth in the Lord messiah Yeshua

    • Michael. Kay

      Yes ,I have experience, almost the same, I thank God , amen semper Fi God bless. . Age of 1 /. 2.

    • Jennifer McClain

      Anyone here translate dreams?
      I remembered the first dream yesterday since 2 years. There was a giant ant eater (nearly as big as a house), slow & lumbering, not threatening. However, it caused my dog (German Shepherd) to become lost. This is 100% off character for her as she is completely dedicated to her home. I drove around looking for her & found her. She came to me, saved & then I woke up.

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