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    25 replies to "You're Thinking Yourself Sick!"

    • Robert Swaim

      So record yourself reading the Word of God and play it back to re enforce your Faith. Try all the In CHRIST verses 😊

    • Brenda Smith

      I'm healed from the top of my head to the sole's of my feet in Jesus name. Amen

    • Sharron Bertram

      When I get these thoughts, I rebuke them I the name of Jesus! No weapon formed against me shall prosper!

    • Sherry

      Hmmm. Not everything is Satan. Cancer, diseases, illnesses are not all Satan or imagination. God didn't say he would heal everyone who asks in prayer in faith and don't use concerns it could be something bad, it's not all fear but concern . His promises come when we have our new bodies after Jesus comes back , no more sickness , pain or sadness. Yes he still heals , but not everyone and for his own reasons . It's a human problem , because sometimes we get sick because the world is filled with disease, germs and cancer, so it happens n we get exposed and get sick and build antibodies or exposed to get cancer . It sounds like he's talking about Hypochondriacs. Ppl who freak out over every little sniffle n ache n run to the ER. Name for that and nothing to do with faith or Satan, it's Hypochondriacs and not all Hypochondriacs are Satan related or faith related either or imagination. Ya, ppl are scared these days and can't blame ppl for thinking flu symptoms is covid and doesn't mean I believe every flu symptom is covid but good to rule it out . Hypochondriacs, it's a mental human issue that can be helped thru God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and they may send you to a counselor or psychologist, his servants to help you as well as Drs. He has servants everywhere . It's not all an imagination or Satan problem or faith problem or fear problem , it's reality It's a human problem too. So, this is confusing. If u believe u don't have cancer or long covid, covid or the flu, it goes away? Heart pain , most ppl are in denial and won't go to the ER and end up a STEMI or MI and if went sooner , they would of saved more of the heart muscle over putting it off, it's nothing , I'm healthy, it's not a heart attack. Goes both ways . I have faith and belief and love for our Holy Father God , Savior Jesus and Holy Spirit. I get what this guy is saying, but this isn't true for the masses , not everyone . Maybe one in 20,000 are Hypochondriacs , ya, there is a name for it . Not all are imagined , just happens and even with faith, our Holy Fathers Will be done. May have a heart attack for a reason because we didn't take care of our bodies . We breathed in asbestos so, lung cancer happens. Nothing to do with any of this . Nothing wrong with having your chest pain or trouble breathing checked out immediately, because it will go opposite if put off by not having concern and end up dying as a result . Sniffles do turn into having covid so, please get it checked out regardless. It's not being a Hypochondriac these days with all the diseases going around and number one killer is heart disease . Bad timing for this video . No. I don't believe every little thing is going to kill us , fear of dying is real and concerns for cancer and Covid is real , not fear but concerned and being concerned , you should pray and have it checked by God's servants . So, all Hypochondriacs will get what they think it is because they are afraid ? That's what he's saying. So, that's what's confusing

    • Laguna beach California

      amen brother

    • Richard Gatewood

      Its not a faith problem(Ro 12:3) its a lack of Word problem…

    • ernestine Santiago

      Amen thank the almighty lord for blessing my path to this link!
      I will not worry because Jesus Christ is with me. He has shown me . He lives in my heart and I trust him! Words could not come close to the the love and faith I hold for the almighty Jesus Christ

    • Valiana

      Cast down imaginations and every negative thought with the Word of Christ! Whenever a wrong thought comes, say something positive, say what God’s Word said you already have. 😊

    • Jonathan CD Peter

      Group The Daily Reading Gouspl.
       God bless you for your Reluiges Responsbility Keep Praying for the Unity Of 7 Deferent Church Ministry's Around The Earth Because You Are The Royal Prayer Wrorrior also Keep me in your prayer with your Prayer Wrorrior's.

      One day I will Share my Words of Prayer because Our Enemies are Around Us remember the words of Lord our God Jesus Christ you must keep your Self Like Pegioen and on the time also Like Sanek .

      You Pray on the same time when Our Lord Jesus and his Apostles was and Still Today's are Praying in Kingdom On the Hevan and Earth for the Nation's of AlAllha Israel God Of Our Father Abraham Isecc and Jacob/Israel  God and The Nation which Yahwary has Purchase with the Blood of His Son . Amen .

      Keep remember the Apostle's are only battle with the Evils Spirit and not battle with any Reluiges or Unbilever human on the Earth . 

      They only Sharing Gouspl The Good News to the all Reluiges and Nation's of the Earth whoever's blive for everlasting life and forgiveness and wash of Sin's by the Blood of Holy Spirit of Lord Our God Jesus Christ Amen .

      Group The Daily Reading Gospel
      First Gospel according to St . Matthew
      Under Divine inspiration , St . Matthew the Apostle , converted tax collector , wrote the first Gospel . He was an eyewitness of Christ's miracles an eyewitness of His teachings . He wrote it to confirm the faith

      of concerted Jewish Christians . To them he demonstrated that Jesus Christ is the Messias , promised in the Old Testament ; that the Church established by Jesus is the Messianic Kingdom , the Kingdom of God on earth predicted in the Old Testament . From the many incidents ,

      miracles and sermons of Jesus ' Life he selects those which best exemplify his thesis , namely , that Jesus is the Messias . Many scholars hold it was written between the years 42 A . D . and 50

    • Cynthia Josie J

      Many young people who convert just gas into heart problems out of fear… Fear already causes intestinal disturbance leading to more gas 🤣 what a cycle!

    • rodica popescu

      i think i'm completely healthy and young and beautiful and gifted with all the divine gifts and i will never die !! i have everything i want for as long i want and i can fly !! this is what we should believe and say all the time non stop !!
      i love you all, be blessed by God Almighty the Creator of everything !

    • Tracy Peterson

      So true, our Words have so much power. This is why Jesus says it is what comes out of our mouth that can ruin us

    • Lawrence Mays

      In All Things Give Thanks. All.

    • eaglehaus

      Talking rubbish ..

    • Maranatha The Lord Cometh

      Greater Truth Has Few Spoken,
      Take Your Thoughts Captive Or They Will Take You Captive.

    • Alicia Kelly

      Amen yes true story

    • Blessed I am

      Does anybody have the full video, please?

    • Debra Curry

      … Jesus asked: "what do you want me to do? Do you believe I will.." it's in the word. SPOKEN WORD IS MIGHTY & POWERFUL. .. God Spoke.. and it was…

    • Luke Ross

      If For Instance I Was ill And I Didn’t Go To The Doctor, Hospital Or Take Meds Of Any Kind Even Just Painkillers For Headaches, And Instead Trust In God And Jesus Alone In Replacement Of These Things, Relying On God To Heal Me From The Slightest To The Most Sever Illnesses. Is This Against The Will Of God And His Word In Anyway?

      Again, This Is A Hypothetical Situation I’m Nothing Less Than A Mere Sinner Looking For another Opinion From A Mature True Christian And Follower Of Jesus Christ Our Lord And Saviour.

      In No Way Shape Or Form Am I Boasting About Such A Matter. Again, Just Curious‼️😊

      Thank You All Brethren 💙

    • L414

      Many Scriptures within the Bible of Old Testament and New Testament declare that those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ are Sons/Children of God for their are No Male and No Female in HIS Eyes. We Who Follow, are All said such, Children.

      Joh 1:12
      But as Many as Received him, to THEM Gave he Power to Become the Sons of God, even to them that Believe on His Name: Cross Ref. Gal. 4:5, 1Jo. 3:2, 1Jo. 5:1, Isa. 56:5, Rom. 8:15, GAL. 3:26, 2Pe. 1:4, 1Jo. 3:1

      Gal 3:26
      For Ye Are ALL the Children of God BY Faith IN Christ Jesus.

      Rom 8:15
      For Ye have not Received the Spirit of Bondage Again TO FEAR; But ye have Received the Spirit of Adoption, Whereby we cry, Abba, Father. Cross Ref. Jo. 1:12, Gal. 4:6, Eph. 1:13, 1Jo. 3:2

      John 14:18
      “I will NOT Leave you as Orphans; I will come to you.

      He will come to anyone who calls out his name he will come to you.

      He will be a Father to the orphans.
      Psalm 82:3
      Give justice to the weak and The FATHERLESS (orphans); maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.

      Rom 8:16
      The Spirit Itself beareth witness with Our Spirit, that We Are The Children of God: Cross Ref. 2Co. 1:22, 2Co. 5:5

      Joh 1:13
      Which Were Born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, But of God. Cross Ref. 1Co. 15:50

      Psalm 127:3-5
      Behold, Children Are a Heritage from the Lord, the Fruit of the Womb a Reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate

      Mat 5:9
      Blessed Are The Peacemakers: for THEY Shall Be Called the Children of God.

      Mat 5:10
      Blessed are They which are persecuted for Righteousness' sake: for Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Cross Ref. 2Ti. 2:12, 1Pe. 4:14

      2Ti 2:12
      If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if We Deny Him, he also will Deny us.

      The Lord Jesus Christ is the Almighty Lord and only way to Heaven with him. 🕊️🙏

    • kathleen Wharton

      It is our “lack of Faith” problem..sometimes! Jobs was a Test. Probably many reasons for illness..though it is called dis-ease! I think it comes from Stress..Jesus Teaches us how to live in Peace..we need to have Faith in Him.

    • Judy Roland

      Stop it! There “is” real suffering in life and its not for you’ to say, its only yr thought process!!!!!

    • Stam Angel

      Go to a doctor every time you feel bad

    • Granny Bishop

      AMEN 🙏, so true

    • Bala Chinnamma

      Praise the Lord!

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