There is something God is about to do that is unlike anything you have ever seen! Listen to this secret God showed Sid Roth.

Saturate director, Jessi Green interviews Sid Roth on what is coming.

Join the Harvest in New York City Sept 21st-24th

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      I'm not sure where I stand with Sid anymore. He does great work with the Jewish folk, and there are some good, solid, biblical guests' on his show (and some that clearly are not), but he hangs around with folk that have turned Christianity in to a circus. There's too much talk about 'Glory' and the next 'impartation' and give the Sid Roth Show a 'love "donation"' of $35 and U will receive this CD-set and book: this is a transaction; not a 'donation.' The way Sid ditched Trump straight after the election was really poor-form–and it will come back to bite him. Instead of Sid always talking about the 'Glory,' it would be nice to see us talk about getting back to basics and going out to help the homeless, etc.. At the end of the day, all the gifts–healing, tongues, etc..–don't really mean a thing if we fail the 'least' in our society. I fail this test all the time. I need to do better. My own walk with Christ is in far worse a state than Sid's–and Sid's heart is in the right place. As to the Green's: I am a big supporter of their work and what I have seen. They get out of the safety of the Church building, and they pound the street. This is the way it is supposed to be. Even the Jehovah Witnesses do this better than Christians. Although, this is changing, and the Billion soul harvest thing I hope is legit.. It has already started with the overturning of Roe V Wade, and as things get more difficult, more folk will come to Christ. This is just the way things go. Good to know that Sid doesn't promote the 'Jesus was rich' nonsense. That goes a long way in my book.


      Jessie. Whatever happened to that million dollar solicitation for that land? I guess you never got it. Are you going to give the money back to the donators? Nope.


      The passion translation??? Really. All scholars agree it’s not a translation at all. It is a heretical work by the false prophet Brian Simmons …. Folks. These people are part of the end time deception.


      Sid was wrong about Trump getting re elected. And he supports many false prophets-teachers. Are you gonna believe anything he says?

    • Mike Signorelli

      NYC is ready! Excellent word Sid!

    • Aaron Deonarine

      I enjoyed Sid’s testimony so much!!! So powerful!!! 🔥🔥🔥


      Is this the billion soul golden global
      Glory Sid promised for 2021 that never happened?

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